How Do Torque Sticks Work

By Richard S. Clark | Last Updated: February 18, 2022

A torque stick is a tool that looks like an extension of an impact wrench. Many mechanics have been using this tool as their secret weapon in tightening the nuts. The tool is available in a set of different sizes and ranges. It helps you meet the needed torque for a specific nut and bolt.

Despite being a handy tool, you will be surprised to know how many people are not aware that it exists. Even those who have heard about it do not know how it works. If you are one of them, then you have to read this post.

What is a Torque Stick?

The other names for torque sticks are torque bar and torque limiting extension bar. It is an add-on for an impact wrench. The tool is made from strung steel that flexes slightly. Impact wrench s a must-have for tire or mechanic shops. The wrenches are very useful tools that provide a large amount of torque needed for many jobs.

The torque stick picks the torque force that your impact wrench has. The stick is available in sets because each torque stick has its specific amount of force.

The Function of Torque Sticks

Torque stick along with an impact wrench is used to prevent the over-tightening of fasteners when installing the wheels. The tool works by flexing upon reaching the torque limit. Once the stick flexes, it stops further tightening the fastener. The thicker the sticks, the higher the torque of the fastener. A torque stick is quite useful, but it should not be used for final torquing.

How Do Torque Sticks Work?

The torque stick works applying the torsion theory, which flexes at a specific rate, then stops using torque when it reaches the specified flex point. For a busy mechanic, this handy tool can have a significant effect on busy mechanics. The tool will not just prevent over-tightening. There are other critical benefits it can provide like:


The main benefit of a torque stick is that it is fast to use, which helps the mechanics speed up a project without compromising safety or quality. The torque stick set has an easy-to-use color-coded chart that guides the users as to which stick is required. Through this, it allows you to grab the perfect stick, plug it on the wrench, and start working.


The mechanic’s work requires precision and accuracy. A quality torque stick can help them achieve this, primarily if used correctly. It is considered the best application to ensure the torque settings is accurate using a torque wrench as soon as the car is on the ground. Keep in mind safety is the primary concern.


One of the things that many mechanics hate is when something came up that hinders their works. Good thing a torque stick was discovered. It makes the tightening of nuts and bolts much more manageable and saves you from the hassles. You just have to choose the right tool and proceed with the tightening process smoothly.

Keep this in mind, a torque stick is used with an impact gun and should not be limited only to a torque wrench. To verify the torque, a manual torque wrench is used as soon as the vehicle is lowered on the ground to assure safety after using the impact wrench and torque stick.

Qualities of the Best Torque Stick

The mechanics are the one who benefits a lot from the torque stick. Finding the stick for your impact wrench is not simple. Not all expensive torque sticks possess the best qualities. So to make sure you get premium quality torque sticks for your jobs, here are the essential features you should focus on when buying a torque stick:

Torque Settings

The standard sets covered by torque sticks in the market are 65, 80, 100, 120, and 140 ft. lbs. The set you pick must cover the needed settings for your projects.

Fastener Types/sizes

You can find sticks that can fit a single-size fastener. So, you need to buy several sets so you can complete all your projects. It is best to look for a set with universal fittings to avoid the hassle of purchasing multiple sets,. Make sure you choose the one that will work with any impact gun you might buy in the future.

Color-Coded System

To ensure you will not have issues with reading the value, get a stick that applies a color-coded system. This makes finding the stick you need easy, and you don’t have to guess if you have the right setting.

Accuracy Ratings

Check some reviews from previous users, so you will know which torque stick provides accurate results. Although most of the torque sticks are quite accurate, some brands still failed on this.  

Carrying Case

Most sets are packed in a quality case, making your sticks organized, easy to move around without losing one and keeping them in the toolbox. The carrying case will protect the torque sticks from getting damaged. This tool is not cheap, so you have to keep it secured when not in use. You can purchase the carrying case just in case the one you bought does not include one.

Final Thoughts

Using torque sticks may not be as easy as using a standard wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts. It needs to be very accurate to avoid damaging and destroying the machine. You need to know the features you should be focusing on when choosing the perfect torque sticks.

Learn how to use the sticks and the wrench properly to avoid issues and situations that could damage the nuts and the vehicle or machines. It is essential that you need how do torque sticks work. If you want to know more about the tool or share your ideas and thoughts, you can send your questions in the comment box below.

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